OKBFJ1210 Cabassi Shigeseizan J1210
Price = A$12,000 + GST



Cabassi Shigeseizan offers a truly UNIQUE combination of genetic lines in Australia, sharing Shigefuku 005 & Dai 6 Seizan on his paternal side & Itohana 2 (twice) & Haruki 2 on his maternal side.

In our view he is ideally suited to introduce over all high Tajima content females, but especially those with Michifuku & ETJ003 infusion.

He is structurally sound, well grown (frame score 5+) with excellent temperament & a fine coat.  His maternal line is above average framed with great milk & marbling (his dam features in our hero video at the top of our website, with 2014 heifer calf suckling)

Available for PRIVATE SALE to May 10th or until SOLD.

** 200 unlicenced straws semen collected in Dec 2014 to be retained

Register your interest here info@cabassiwagyu.com